• Markus Hunt

Who We Are: Episode 6

Updated: Jan 2

The final episode of a six-part podcast series hosted by Carvell Wallace and Jeffery Robinson—I composed and performed the theme music.

From slavery to sharecropping to mass incarceration, American institutions have reproduced cycles of social rupture and exploitation by design. Is it even possible to imagine true equity as long as the current carceral system stands? Carvell Wallace and Jeffery Robinson begin with Bill Clinton’s 1994 Crime Bill before turning to the ways in which incarceration ripples through questions of voting, health, wealth, and state violence. With final words from Afro-futurist author Sheree Renee Thomas, we’ll explore how we might dream a new America into being and the possibilities of Black liberation.

Markus Hunt is an educator, writer, speaker, and musician living in Aurora, Colorado.

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