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Updated: Jul 1, 2018

This site is dedicated to the exploration and promotion of empathy in education.

Design and empathy, technology and empathy, problem-solving and empathy. Empathy plays a fundamental role in how we function as a society, and as it relates to education, in understanding the cognitive and social-emotional needs of children. Children and their teachers are perceptive and receptive beings; however, classrooms are primarily driven by curriculum and not relationships. Pre-school is the starting line and achievement is the dubious finish line. Achievement drives school budgets, student admission, and yet has little value once they enter the work place— where empathetic relationships rule.

The title of this blog comes from Gary Bolles (son of Richard), who with co-producer Heidi Kleinmaus, had organized and produced a fascinating conference that I attended. During a brief technical difficulty, Gary took to the stage to entertain the audience. Despite the high powered guest list, it was Gary who uttered the most memorable line, "we may not know what jobs will exist in the future, but we know that they will require problem-solving and empathy."

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