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Parent Expectations

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

What is my kid going to do with a matter conversion machine?

Many years ago I had a meeting with parents who were very concerned about their child. They lamented that their child daydreamed and was "flighty." When I asked for an example, they shared that their child had an idea for a machine that could compress matter, transport it, and then expand the matter in another location. I asked what concerned them about that. With a sigh, they explained that their child didn't have a practical application for this imaginary device. First, I told them that if their child could actually build such a machine, their child wouldn't need our school. Second, I told them that it sounds like they have a ten year old; and as it happened, their child was ten.

I've previously shared this sentiment (and will likely again), but the greatest advice I have ever been given on the subject of parenting is to love the child you have. We all have dreams and aspirations for our children, but their happiness depends on us loving them for who they are.

Markus Hunt is an educator, writer, speaker, and musician living in Aurora, Colorado.

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