• Markus Hunt

Dialogue and Empathy

In the picture, do you see two people talking or do you see three bunnies playing the accordion?

If you saw two people talking, you'd be right. If you saw the bunnies, umm… we can talk about that later— text me.

How much time is made for dialogue in schools? I read an article that sixteen hours per week were dedicated to test preparation or test taking in some public school systems. Even if this number is an over estimation, let's say by half, that would still be too much. What if those hours were converted into one-on-one time between teacher and student? Or small group discussion? Or anything other than test preparation or testing taking? The best learning comes through discovery and some of the best discoveries come from simply sitting down with someone else and talking. If your child's school is fascinated with scantrons, remember that school isn't the only place for learning.

People like talking about themselves and what they do. The next time you're in the store and your child takes an interest in the mist that sprays the vegetables, take the time and ask the produce manager about it. She will likely tell you everything and more that a child might want to know about the produce game. In this moment your child has not only connected to content and meaning but she has learned that humans are a valuable resource.

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