• Markus Hunt

Cinema Ignoramus

These posters are not identical. Can you spot the difference?

Clearly there is more than one difference between these two posters. The difference that matters is in the movie's subtitles. On the left, here in the United States we are promised a "band of misfits." On the right and from the United Kingdom where the movie was created, their audiences were tantalized with "an adventure with scientists!" It seems clear that the marketers in the U.S. were afraid that our citizenry would be turned off by the promise of scientific exploration but banked on the fact that we love misfits. I get that this is only entertainment (and pirates are criminals), but in a country that has coined the term "alternative facts" and thinks intellectualism is elitist, I think we need to do everything we can to invite our citizens to exercise their brains. To the point, science is actually fun.

Markus Hunt is an educator, writer, speaker, and musician. He currently lives in Aurora, CO.

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