A curriculum written before the teacher meets the student rarely produces a humane education. Even when curricula are presented as "whole child," they usually need to be adapted to be accessible to learners rather than designed to meet their specific needs. Humans are naturally curious, and it should be the job of educators to nurture their students along their unique and dynamic paths. A standardized curriculum may seem more equitable, but it's starving students of authentic and transformative learning experiences. Human development and education are messy. 



Here's what I'm into and up to.


The Logan School

Cultivating the curiosities of gifted children. Identifying and supporting underrepresented gifted students.


African Leadership Group

Connecting cultures, developing strong community leaders, and advocating for economic, social and educational impact.


Gifted Institute

Helping highly gifted children, their families, and professionals, through support, collaboration, and special programs. 

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Shannon Faber Tattoo

Storyteller, artist, and friend.


Ulcca Hansen

How Our Education System Needs to Change to Help All Young People Thrive 

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Guiding Bright
& Tina Harlow

Providing lifelong strategies that help bright children manage their unique challenges and access their full potential.


The World Game

A non-verbal research tool to assess children on visual/verbal thinking, cognition, and social-emotional development.